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Thread: What causes this

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    What causes this

    Hi, what makes an outwardly healthy looking fawn die, weather can play a part but in the cotswolds it aint been that bad....

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    When it saw you buggers coming it probably died of fright.

    How are you mate


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    Always sad when this happens, but early mortality is not uncommon. As for the cause, who knows? The list is endless - exposure, infection, abandonment, mother hit by a car ....

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    Hi Apollo,
    If you open this fawn up check for kidney fat. None: starvation. Further check break one of long bones, humerus or femur, gelatinous marrow: starvation. Check fullness of rumen.
    Check lungs: if spotty red /dark pink areas pneumonia

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    Just think back it was not that long ago that infant/child mortality was the norm.
    We now live in a world where we expect to live to 70+ when not so long ago 40 + was old !

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    oNE OF THE BIGGEST CAUSES OF INFANT MORTALITY IS BAD deer management are there a lot of deer on your ground.

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    Interesting and very broad sweeping comment, 6.5 x 55. One that is meant to cause a heated reaction maybe?

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    Ignore him please


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    Firstly hi Wayne old mate we are fine, looking forward to the winter as this buck shooting in a thick fern wood is bloody hard work.
    Secondly the mother was there with her other fawn and only left the dead one when she spotted me.
    Thirdly It may be bad management as we have only started shooting this ground in december 07 and we have shot thirty odd roe and six muntjac off there,so there was a few about, when my mate sat in a highseat the other night in the wood, he had a call for a bit to try for a buck and he had 5 muntjac around the seat at the same time.
    Its the clearest place in the wood

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    to fat catholics

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