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Thread: sako 75 / 85 OR mauser m03

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    sako 75 / 85 OR mauser m03

    hi guys, your thoughts on the above two rifles please, I am in the market for a new one, narrowed it down the above but cant make up my mind on which to go for. Any info would be great. All the best, Mo

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    Two cracking rifles, and very little between them.

    Mauser is a top make, but personally I prefer Sako for a stalking weapon. Also, I really don't like Mauser's manual cocking system, I am safe enough without such annoying "features".

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    just gone through this process 3 months ago....went for the sako 85 and i'm very impressed with its performance and quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWC2010 View Post
    went for the sako 85 and i'm very impressed with its performance and quality.
    Beautiful rifle, good choice.

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    The Mauser is very well made, but heavy and overly complicated.

    For a practical stalking tool for the UK, the Sako is hard to improve upon.

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    thanks for the input, Claret I handled the mauser at the Newark show, I was impressed with the build quality but also thought the manual cocking feature was slightly complicated. I may go for the sako now.

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    I have both. MO3 is 300gm heavier than Sako 85. If you are going to do any travelling then the MO3 is the one to go for. It's also easier if you want additional calibres as you have the same feel and handling when you change.

    I prefer the Mauser safety to the Sako as there is zero chance of it ever being knocked off in undergrowth. You quickly get used to it.


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    I'm looking at the Mauser M03 Extreme at the moment, handled one the other day and didn't find the cocking lever to be complicated/difficult, I also like the idea that you can switch barrels.

    I've tried the Sako 85 and it was a fine rifle, but from what I've read on the forums apparently the 75 was of a better build quality than the newer 85, just what I've heard/read!

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    I don't know where people get the idea that the Sako 75 is better than the 85 from because I have shot both and currently have a 85. There is no difference in quality and very little difference in the rifles.

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    My problem with the Mauser is that it feels a bit "clubby" in the smaller calibres.

    Like all switch barrels the same stock must serve on calibres from .223 to a 338/375 and hence is usally a bit of a compromise at end a little off in the middle. This is merely my personal view but having shot a Blaser with a .45 blaser barrel and a mauser in .223 I have come to conclusion that compromise is not something I like in my hunting rifles.

    I don't think there is much in it from a build quality point of view.

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