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Thread: Patch out

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    Patch out

    I have been trying to clean my brand new Sako 85 (.243) barrel with "Patch Out" but I am struggling to get it totally clean.

    The rifle is only one month old and in my enthusiasm on my first outing I fired around 30 rounds before cleaning it by soaking it with “Patch Out” for 24 hours. I then patched it through until the patches were clean & put it away.

    On my next outing I had read their web site re breaking in a barrel and followed their instructions and fired 5 groups of 2, but cannot get a clean patch after soaking for 20 minutes between groups. I then tried soaking it for another 24 hours and spent a whole evening soaking and patching (Accelerator & Patch out) but after every soak the first patch always has some (quite a lot) of blue.

    I have e mailed them for some guidance but just thought I'd ask you guys what you think in my impatience.

    Can you suggest anything I can do, or am I now stuck with copper in my barrel?

    Will I be able to start again and re break the barrel in or have I lost the opportunity by not doing it straight off?

    Many thanks in advance

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    The debate over breaking in barrels continues unabated, with great zeal being shown on both sides.

    Some see it as a useful aid to accuracy and easy cleaning whilst others see it as a waste of time and effort.

    Personally, I am somewhere in the middle - I'm pretty sure that it works, but I'm not convinced that the advantages are worth bothering with for a pure hunting rifle.

    As for your rifle, never fear - any barrel can be cleaned with enough effort and you have only fired a few rounds.

    I would suggest experimenting with different solvents. They vary widely in their ability to remove copper.

    My personal favourite is the Tetra brand, a sort of gel that sticks to the inside of the barrel - this really shifts the metal.

    Also, bear in mind that the brushes and jags you are using may also contain copper and you will therefore get a bit of blue staining on your patches, even with a clean barrel.


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    when i clean my rifles (which is not very often) i use hoppes copper solvent and patches. no brushes.

    push a couple of wet ones through to get the crap out, then leave 20 mins minimum, push a couple of dry ones through. repeat this until they come out clean.

    then do it all again the next night. it will then be clean and copper free (in my experience).

    then just fire a fouling round, and you should be back on zero.

    then, as long as you can see daylight through it, dont clean it. if you get the urge to clean it, dont.

    this method works for me and my guns, it may or may not work for you and yours.

    i also have perfect boresnake cleaning instructions..

    1. take boresnake.
    2. throw it in bin.
    3. use gun.

    happy hunting

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    Why don't you like the Boresnake, Bucksden?

    I think they're quite ggod for a quick clean.


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    Griff who posts on here is the UK Importer/ Distributor of the Wipe/Patch out line of products, I am sure he will chime in when he reads this..

    As to breaking in your barrel ect...I've done it on some of my rifles and not others, and I can't really see the difference. If I were shooting .25" groups with a full race spec bench rest rifle, perhaps I might, but I don't, so its not something I worry about.

    I use patch-out and I'm pleased with it...I normally give my barrels a scrub with a bore brush and some conventional power solvent and when the barrel is reasonably clean, I switch to running through patches only soaked in Patch Out...



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    just my experience with them!

    i had massive learing curve sorting out my first centerfire (prohunter .243) in terms of cleaning regime. i now have r93's in .243 and .308 and i'm applying the same regime. (fully clean them when you get them, both were second hand, and then dont clean them)

    perhaps its because i use/keep them dirty, that the boresnake just messes things up and screws up the groups.

    if you operate a cleaner barrel, perhaps the effect is not so drastic??

    i'll stick with my method, until it lets me down.

    i carry the boresnake, but if i was forced to use it i wouldnt shoot at live quarry until i'd had chance to check zero.


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    What would be your approach with a brand new rifle before firing? Clean or not?

    Now being the proud owner of one, I have read everything from clean it out beforehand and then fire a round a day for a week, and clean after each, through to just get on and fire the thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowstorm
    What would be your approach with a brand new rifle before firing? Clean or not?

    Now being the proud owner of one, I have read everything from clean it out beforehand and then fire a round a day for a week, and clean after each, through to just get on and fire the thing.
    i would fire a few, clean, fire a few, clean..

    then give it a go without cleaning it for a while.

    then i would pull a boresnake through it, and use it to see if the groups change/move.

    then i would fully de-copper it and start again, and find out what you gun likes, in my small experience, they are all different.

    what you dont want to do while getting to know the gun is move/change/alter anything else. just get it zeroed, dont touch rings/bases/stock bolts etc.. just concentrate on getting it grouping well and understanding what effects its performance.

    just my humble opinion. others will or will not agree!!

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    Put me down as another who doesn't like boresnakes..

    I suppose the are ok for a quick clean perhaps if you're away stalking, but for regular cleaning I prefer a Tipton Carbon fiber one piece rod...

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    Had a boresnake for about 18 months. It is great. Nce colours and very strong. Never used it though!!!

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