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Thread: Changes to the site.

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    Changes to the site.

    Have you made changes to the layout of the site yesterday or have I done something wrong?

    Since yesterday when I open a subject posting there are sliders on both the bottom and the side of the posting, also the actual writing is quite small. If it is changes you have made please can you put them back to the way it was as it's driving me mad. If it's my fault please suggest what I have done wrong and how can I correct it.


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    Hi Mike,

    Despite what some may think my job really isn't to make changes designed to annoy people!

    No changes have been made that would affect the posting page. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

    Anyone else having the same?


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    Thanks Alex I'll try that when I find out what my browser cache is.

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    In IE

    Tools -> Internet Options

    On General Tab click the "Delete" button under "Browsing History"

    Tick only "Temporary Internet Files"

    Press "Delete"

    Then try refreshing the page.

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    Thanks Alex it was something I had hit but hadn't noticed it. I just couldn't understand why I was only having problems with this site.

    With regard to computer literacy I am still on the Janet and John books.

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    Janet and John books!!! more like the Ladybird series

    How are you Mike? Give me a bell to sort out a date to come down. The B/B is having some building work done in April but May or June could be good if you and good wife wnat to come down for the weekend.



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    Hi Malc, is the April building work to the B&B the reason that you have not answered the PM's that I have sent you re stalking date?

    Kind regards

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    Hi Malc, things are just fine in fact I've just got back from France after a couple of days boar hunting. It's funny how things work out, as if by magic when we couldn't settle on a date because your other commitments almost immediately the guy in France who I had been trying to arrange with for the last 18 months finally came back to me. So straight away I started planning and arranged a trip with two days driven boar shooting. When I get the chance I'll probably do a little write up on the trip. I had to make all the arrangements myself regarding permits which was a little daunting at first but was actually very easy to sort out.
    I'll get in touch some time in the next week and sort out a stalking weekend with you.



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