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Thread: Deer Stalking on NTS land

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    Deer Stalking on NTS land

    Just for peoples info I'm a member of the NTS and totally hacked off that they are using contract stalkers to carry out the cull at Mar Lodge.

    I sent an email suggesting that they use volutneers stalkers based on the principle that to get stalking they must be NTS memebers.
    This would serve two functions, i) to bring costs down by not having to pay contract stalkers and ii) actually increase revenue by incrreasing membership.

    That's the basics - the fine details are up for discussion but it's a suggestion and I'll keep folks posted if I hear anything back (not holding my breath).


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    Eddie it might be a nice try but then you need to see were alot of the money comes from for the trust it comes from SNH /FC/FE etc and then you might know why the stalkers come from the contract area. They are then under the direct control of the governemt through a government department. But hey its worth a try certainly to use local stalks even if contractors would cut down the carbon foot print keep employment local etc etc

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    As widow said there is nothing new here they have been using contractors for several years now and with great affect if you want to reduce the deer numbers.The contractors are only used for part of the overall cull and must help relieve presure on the fulltime stalkers.As for the contractors being controlled by the goverment don,t believe all the storys you hear as these contractors work closely with the stalking team and are guided by these guys to help them reach there objectives. As a member of the NTS you must believe in what they are trying to achieve and i can assure you useing contractors is they most cost effective and safe way to achieve it.

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    for the price they paid the contractors at Mar for 2 weeks would of paid another stalker to be on the ground for a whole year and then some.Take into account all the times they were called up there and put all the monies in a pot and then see how many full time stalkers could of been employed !!!!!

    Its these big government agencies that tend to spend the tax payers cash an endless pot of money and no one to be accountable to
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Mick b I think you have been told some porckys about how much contractors get paid .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derry View Post
    Mick b I think you have been told some porckys about how much contractors get paid .

    Regardless of how much contractors get paid, errecting a fence at the beginning of this project would have saved hundred if not a few thousand deer there lives.... Not to mention the public purse thousands pounds!

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    Read the attached article from the Shooting Times (4/12/10) - 750,000 of tax payers money (yours and mine) for 12,000 deer dead and it's failed!
    Hence keep the money and use it for other more useful issues but encourage membership and stalking thereby increasing revenue instead of spending our hard earned money. Is my point any clearer? As I said there rough point is there although it needs smoothing and more detail.

    A controversial project to restore Caledonian pine forest at Mar Lodge estate has failed despite culling 12,000 red deer
    The National Trust for Scotland has admitted to the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) that its controversial project to restore the Caledonian pine forest on Mar Lodge estate, in Deeside, has not been successful.

    In a telephone interview conducted in October, the National Trust for Scotland’s Alexander Bennett admitted to the SGA that after spending an estimated 750,000 in funding from Scottish Natural Heritage and culling more than 12,000 red deer, the project has produced virtually no new trees. He also said the National Trust for Scotland’s idea to restore the forest without input from professional stalkers, the use of deer fences or heather management was flawed.

    The admission comes after the Deer Commission for Scotland said at a public meeting in Braemar in June that it also believed the 15-year project had failed. The SGA has now called for a public inquiry. Spokesman George MacDonald said: “The project was a total waste of taxpayers’ money. What steps are being taken to ensure that this flawed management plan, which was condemned as unworkable right at the beginning, will not be attempted again? The National Trust for Scotland should now be forced to pay compensation to neighbouring land holdings for their loss of sporting revenue over the years.”

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    I think the letter you have added only makes it clearer that no more stalking or very liitle should be done now as they have wiped out such a large proportion of the herd already. Fencing is the answer there not more deer in the larder, whoever is shooting them.

    Fot future deer control on NTS properties in a managed and ballanced way then yes I can see your point. But not now at Mar Lodge estate.

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    Salmo, you could be right there but the NTS wanted it to remain natural and i suppose a large fence in such a scenic area would spoil the view. You could argue people go up there to see the wildlife as well but whats done is done you can only shoot them once.

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    Having seen fences in other parts of the country and found them in no way diminishing my view I think for them to use that as an argument to justify what they have done there is a poor defence.
    But as you say dead is dead.

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