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Thread: Moving to Hampshire

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    Moving to Hampshire

    Well after a years commuting to and forth, I am finally biting the bullet and moving to Hampshire.

    So I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience of the FEO's in or around the Hordean area, good or bad?
    Just wanted to get an idea what to expect from the Hampshire constabulary, I assume they can't be worse than the boys and girls from Sussex but you know what they say about assumption!!!!!!!

    Cheers in advance and I look forward to catching up with some new faces.



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    slow and there is no such thing as boar in uk

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    Interesting, looks like the funs just starting then!!!



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    My variation took 5 months to come through

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    5 months, not bad I've been waiting 3.5 months for my variation with Sussex, the only reason I'll be getting it back soon is that I phoned to say I was moving and could I possibly have my ticket back before I changed my address. They said I could have it in a couple of days!!!!!!! Seems a strange world where you have to move house in order to speed these things up.



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    I have a good technique for speeding up my FEO, I ring her every other day to check on progress, only had to do it the first time, once she realised how much of an annoying t**t I can be she gets things through quite quickly now

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    I like your thinking, might have to give that a go


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    Hi Ads, JUst don't take any **** from mthem, and you'll be fine.



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