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Thread: cz452 ejection problem itermitent

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    cz452 ejection problem itermitent

    hi peeps

    my cz452 .22lr rimmy (botl action ) is 3yrs old now but lately ive noticed im getting problems with the remnoval of a spent the bolt and the case still in the if you work it a few times sometimes it comes out occasionallyi need to prise it out. this only happens intermitently but enuff to annoy you

    i have brushed the chamber only lightly to remove any crap but still happening...

    any ideas what to look for?

    only ever use winchester subs and usually not a problem

    sauer/ paul

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    I had ejection/ extraction problems with my cz .22, it turned out to be worn extractor claws that cost 30 to replace at my local gusmiths.That said my 22 was a lot older than 3 years old when they needed replacing and it has had a lot of lead through it.
    Another problem that can occur is the 2 square 'holes' that the extractor claws sit in at the sides of the bore in the breach get compacted with wax and goop and the claws dont spring back in and grip the rim fully.

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    Clean it, Including removing the extractors from the bolt. Does it happen with one kind of ammo? And is it ammo from the same LOT? ~Muir

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    Clean the bolt and extractors as per Muir's post above, and then carefully examine the extractors
    and compare them to the photo below, if needed you can easily reshape them.
    Also the chamber, give it a really good clean, the build up of lube is sticky.
    Attachment 5262


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    I had this same annoyance a couple of yrs ago, gunsmith said extractor was fine jus make sure it's clean of wax! I now give the wins a quick wipe with cloth an it removes excess wax! Neva had it happen again since!
    Atb James

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    These extractor claws are a real easy job to strip out & clean yourself, just don't use excessive force when levering the circlip off the bolt.
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    A few years back I encounter'd a similar problem : changed ammo from Eley to Winchester,

    the Eley had a waxy coating on the shells.

    Here's a link for CZ.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    cheers guys

    muir ive only ever really used winchester subs in it.....easiest thing to get hold of in my area and they work.....didnt do it for last 2 n bit years but lately just started.....still on same batch but my brother out with me with his bolt action anchutz and using same ammo / batch etc but never had same problem

    i have been using butchs bore shine and a phosphy bronze brush just in the chamber and no more ....
    could be the bolt side of thing ill try that......just intemitentant but a pain in the ass when you eject quick to re load whe yer on a rabbit and canna load coz the old brass case still in there then you get it clear and miss a perfectly good bunny!!!

    for info guys
    and the manual!

    sauer / paul

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    Keep the Bore Shine and Phosphor brush out of the gun. It's not necessary. I often shoot up to 3500 rounds of .22 a month and don't ever take a brush or mop to the barrel unless I know there is some foreign matter (dust, dirt) in there. The rest of the gun I keep scrupulously clean, but the barrel and chamber gets left to it's own devices.
    Your problem is definitely not in the chamber unless you are doing something to cause it like leaving cleaning fluids or oils in the chamber.

    Do you clean your rifle after every outing? If so, stop!~Muir

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    no i never clean the bore not on a .22lr

    and i was trying to be careful just to brush the chamber


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