OK so 20 rounds of .243 were loaded with this Sierra bullet with four different overall lengths so see if any difference could be seen or better grouping achieved the results were fairly inconclusive I am sorry to say :-

This first five produced this result. Again there appears to be a splitting of the group with the two out to the right............ strange

Would you believe it between me and the target was a lone dead Dock stem and damned if I didn't hit it twice. This COL merits a re-test. On examination the strike on the stem could be seen as a bright mark. Just goes so show how light fast bullets are easy to deflect.

Not too pleased with this result and once again a shot out to the right.

The last five was shot with the sound mod fitted and at the moment it moves POI to the left. However the rear bush is too tight as it's for another barrel. Have yet to get a bush to suit this barrel profile so before any final decisions amde a new bush will be obtained and pened up to suit the barrel for correct fitment. Yet notice once again two shots out to the right of the other three.................... Hmmm and yes this particular rifle does have a floated barrel ( it came this way to me) and no it does not touch with the moderator fitted.

Due to the wet and time constraints the shooting was done at 60M as there is a raised dry spot on which to go prone. Due to the recent wet weather parts are flooded.