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    Hello to everyone on the site.
    Just a few words to introduce myself.I live in n-yorks and have been shooting about ten years.I shoot vermin and reload for my tikkaT3 s/s light in .223. I also shoot 22lr and have a anshutz 520 semiauto and a marlin sq880 b/action.I have recently purchased a parker-hale scout .308win with20inch barrel in a laminated stock with the intention of stalking. I will also reload for the p-h. Things will progress slowly as i have just been made reduntant-haho.
    wish list,
    n-yorks to be over run with wild boar!.
    thanks for reading.

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    Hello Glen, welcome.

    Those are some nice rifles...

    Yeah, the work situation for many is extremely sour recently, unfortunately, this is only becoming worse as time goes on.

    Good luck on finding more work.

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