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Thread: Subsonic 30.06??

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    Subsonic 30.06??

    Has anyone looked into using their .30 cal in subsonic mode?
    I have a 30.06 with a T8 and am curious as to what could be achieved at the lower end. I'm aware of the dangers of partly filled cases and that some kind of packing media would also be required to prevent flashovers or detonation!
    Obviously with a bullet speed of less than 1125 fps, it would reduce the muzzle energy greatly.
    But would lets say a 250 grain bullet still be 'deer legal' in UK (1700 ft/lbs)?
    I suspect probably not?
    I'm thinking of a 'whisper quiet' close range muntjac stopper that could be used in a densely populated wood right next to an equestrian centre, town, school etc.. without causing too much disturbance.
    Could it be done?

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    Forget it, case capacity is to large for consistant ignition, need a 1 in 8 twist, energy wouldnt be deer legal and the bullets wouldnt expand.

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    120gr cast lead alloy boolit and no gas check - start around 3 1/2 to 4 gr Viht 310 pistol powder.
    Not deer legal but would definitely do the job.

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    You'd need a 650 grain bullet at 1100 fps, better to keep the speed to 1050 which would push the weight up 700 grains to remain deer legal.

    A much better round therefore for you intended purpose would be the 50 cal thumper or some variant whereof:

    750 grain A-max for deer to start a row anyone?

    Ps. According to my American friends Dodgyrog has the right idea, they would suggest a nice heavy bullet with more bearing surface however.

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    Bruce Potts did a lot of experimenting along these lines several years ago, I think he used a .308 win. I saw some impressive groups that he shot with bullets seated backwards! If you are serious about experimenting, I would get in touch with him. I can't believe what I am about to say but..... I think a moderated .222 Rem would be ok for the purpose! JC

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    Apologies MS my post was a bit abrupt. A few years ago i had a similar idea for foxing round the pheasant pens. I ended up going with the .44 mag as some bullets are designed to expand at 1000fps or less. I spent a fair amount of time and money before getting a 1 to 1.5 moa groups at 100yrds in a ruger 77/44. Since then better powders such as trailboss and vihtn32c have appeared. The 240- 265gr slugs killed well but they sometimes skipped off the ground like a .22lr and i came to the conclusion i should of saved my money and used the .22lr.

    If your just interested in experimenting there is a lot of stuff on the US forums but as JC said you would be wise to stay legal, using a .22cf if you have one, especially given the premises surrounding your shoot.

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    I was with Potsy and Steve when they developed a 308win sub/supersonic fully moderated rifle it fires a 250grn subsonic round and is very acurate , it can be done in 30-06 , you want to talk to Steve Bowers of Specialist Rifle Services , contact him through his web sight

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    I have shot 210 grain bullets from a 1-8" twist 30 Whisper at 1040 fps. I have shot the same bullet (Lyman #311-284) at 1250fps from a 1-10" twist with great results at 100M.~Muir

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    This might help you, I've never tried it myself but was contemplating giving it a go just for plinking/fun and also so you could have a day of shooting at targets without ear protection:

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    This might help you, I've never tried it myself but was contemplating giving it a go just for plinking/fun and also so you could have a day of shooting at targets without ear protection:
    There's a cracking good load on there for my .416 Rem Mag with a 350 gr bullet. Thanks, that'll save my shoulder

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