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Thread: Trichinella Testing In UK Wild Boar - updated information from FSA

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    Trichinella Testing In UK Wild Boar - updated information from FSA

    Some trichinella information recently released by the UK's Food Standards Agency that may be of interest. The information 'covers Trichinella in feral wild boar shot by hunters for private consumption or for sale in local retail shops'.

    Guidance for Trichinella Testing In Feral Wild Boar

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    A very helpful link, as the forms are downloadable (PDF's).
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    You can request free trichinella testing kits with contain the printed booklet above by emailing your details to:

    or you can write to:

    Freddie Lachhman
    Meat Hygiene & TSE Policy Branch
    Hygiene and Microbiology Division
    Food Standards Agency
    3rd Floor, Aviation House
    125 Kingsway
    London WC2B 6NH

    Tel: 020 7276 8384
    Fax : 020 7276 8910

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    very helpfull thread
    just about to eat my wildboar sausages for breakfast
    regards pete .

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    Thanks BWB and Paul
    Excellent info!

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