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Thread: Good Service - Clulite

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    Good Service - Clulite

    Just thought people ought to know about good service.

    I bought a cheap (20) torch from Clulite at the Newark Gun Show. Got it home and it worked, charged the battery and the light had gone from my world. I emailed Clulite at 9pm and received a reply the next morning saying they were sending me a new rechargable battery.

    It's not the fact it breaks, it's the way they deal with the fault and i'm impressed enough to recommend them on the basis of what i've seen - and they sell some decent torches too - mate has one on top of his 22.250 for foxing and he rates it



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    I've recieved similar good service from this company before. A couple of times I've wanted an extra lead or bracket and they've been very helpful. Good products too. JC

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    I got the new battery through today and it works - excellent !


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    I agree with JC275, I didn't have enough clearance fitting a light to a 'scope and they made me a riser spacer for the mount and sent it through, with longer stainless screws, for no charge. Excellent service and they're always approachable at the shows and, I guess, appreciate the opportunity to help - product development and all that. Moreover, happy customers, which is what it's all about.


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