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Thread: Blackhawk Scoped Rifle Case

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    Blackhawk Scoped Rifle Case

    Anybody got one give me the heads up,i'm looking for a new rifle case and these look good my main wants are a strong zip as the one i have just gave out and i don't want a fleece lining,anything better out there in simular price range around 100,don't mind spending a bit more on something that's going to last.

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    are you meaning the blackhawk drag bag if so i have one had it a few years now.. very good watter proof and gives good protection to the rifle the head stalker also has one and that gets some seriouse use.

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    Can't comment on the scoped rifle case itself but I do have a blackhawk drag bag and the construction and quality are as good as you'll get.
    Top kit

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    Thanks guys,no its not the drag bag but a more convential rifle case but uses the same type of zip a bit cheaper than the drag bag at just over 100,took the plunge and ordered one from scott country but will be another 3-4 weeks before they get them in stock,i was very tempted to go for the drag bag though as they do look a nice bit of kit.
    Thanks again Neil.

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    aye neil good luck with it im sure you wont be disapointed.. do let us know how you get on

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    Will do,i'll post a few photos when it turns up.
    ATB Neil.

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    Hi Neil, I am interested in one of these bags too and would be interested in any feedback or pic's that you post,

    Kindest regards

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    I have one of these, brilliant - Black Hawk Stalker Drag Mat

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    Well finally got it today after a cock up on Scott countrys part i reordered it through rifle who had it on the shelf wish i'd gone to them first,never mind got it now and i'm really pleased with it,really well made its almost semi-rigid with the closed cell foam and has a piece of foam a couple of inches wide that runs the full length of the zip that stops the scope from contacting the zip so gives it a nice bit of protection,two nice big pockets for storage too,looks like its warrantied for the life of the original purchaser for defects to so all in all a worthy buy i'd say.I'll try and sort some photos asap if any one is intrested but have got get some batteries for my camera first.

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