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Thread: Clulite Master-Lite Supreme

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    Clulite Master-Lite Supreme

    Hi all.

    Has any one got the above one fitted on there rifle and if so what do you think of the light for shooting and what range is it good for!!!

    i was hoping that it would be ok for foxes instead of the heavy one that i carrie with pack so thanks for the feed back guys i will hold back until i see one working

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    I have one... they claim it has a focused beam out to 200yds. It will light a rabbits or foxes eyes at 200yds and more but the beam has been lost by then.
    In reality 150yd is stretching it's limits, which is why mine spends most of it's time on top of my hmr
    They did have a problem with the switches turning off in very cold weather but they seem to have sorted it now.
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    I agree, 150 yards is about the maximum range and with the red filter on it is more like 100 , it is great for the bunny's though but I also find it useful on my 6br to give you a final Id on foxes , It will never replace my light force but is it a great bit of kit.



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    As said above,It is not as impresive as I expected it to be for the money,I would not recommend for fox but ok for bunnies.

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    I use one for finding foxes , the blue light will show the eyes up geat at distances out past 200m but I don't use it for shooting them due to reduced range. I lamp alone most nights and the torch is a great addition , it saves me having to use the scope mounted lightforce to find the foxes. Battery life is good and they charge fast. If you have the right expectations you won't regret buying one.

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    A Fenix or a Tiablo would be much better, brighter, tighter beam, we got/seen all 3 and the Clulite does note cut the mustard. However the Cluson mounting system is simply brilliant, unfortunately they will not sell it separately. I use an old Fenix TK11 ( the newer version is considerably brighter) and is OK for foxes up to 100yds, v good for bunnies.

    Flytie had a recent thread about exactly the same topic.


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