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Thread: Lyman customer service

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    Lyman customer service


    Its now been a month since you said you would send me a 230v adaptor for my
    Lyman 1200dps3.
    Has the cost of fuel made the boat across the atlantic throttle back a bit to
    save fuel? Have they decided to start rowing across perhaps?
    Maybe you sent it by air using the useless parcel service (UPS) and they dont
    deliver to third world countries like the UK?

    In any event, if you could find some way to send me the correct adaptor for the
    superb doorstop I now have it would be appreciated.

    Best regards


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    I had the same problem after shutting a door on my original cable.I waited six weks and still nothing.I ended up going to a car boot sale and bought an old tourch with same charging socket.I think the original reduced to 12v and the one I bought is 9v and it works okay.Worth a shot,to be honest the original was a pain with the US two pins on a shaver adaptor.

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    While you wait for Lyman to get their act together you could make some use of the doorstop by buying a step-down converter:

    That's presuming it came with a 110v power supply of course?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I think its a 15v adaptor thats needed, Id use a 12v one but I know how delicate balances can be without the correct power supply.
    I was really pleased with the speed they were back in touch after my original question regarding the power supply (1 day) and just thought you'd enjoy a bit of a laugh with my request for them to get their finger out
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    Im waiting for sportsman centre carrier pigeon to deliever my bore guide. Considering that it was 48 hr delivery and paid for that, it s nearly a month now, with 2 follow up phone calls. Starting to get pissed off now. last time i spend my pennies there

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