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Thread: Blaser R93 Off Road STOCK ONLY

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    Blaser R93 Off Road STOCK ONLY

    Hi guys,

    I have knackered the plastic on my R93 offroad so am trying to find the plastic stock only, as I can cannibalise the trigger etc from my old one.

    Any ideas?

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    How did you damage the old stock??

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    A slight powertool malfunction whilst fitting a stud for a bipod...

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    Ahh a black and decker moment!!

    I could do you a nice wood stock with scope and barrels.

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    Send it to blaser for repair - you might be pleasantly surprised how little they charge

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    hi i have a brand new off road stock if you would like to make me an offer ?

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    Hi SC,

    Is it literally just the plastic stock, or are you selling it with the trigger mech etc?


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    Is the new stock still available?

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    hi been away for a while the stock is still for sale pm me with an offer

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    is the offroad the black one or the green one with the rubber inserts?

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