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    are sako 85 rifles any good?

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    never shot a 85 so cant really comment. i hear some people prefer the 75 model more which i have shot and its very good. what you got to look at is it's a sako you only have to look at there older model's also to see they know how to make good rifles. i dont think your go far wrong with any of there rifles mate.

    have you seen a sako 85 you like ? if you have and its a good price then snap it up.

    the only thing i got against sako rifles being a lefthanded shooter is there stocks are not left hand friendly i think they should make there rifles ambi stock

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    Hi Jacob,

    First of all I'd be grateful if you could read through the sections and post your questions in the right place rather than offloading them all into General - it saves me having to move them all!

    Back to business... depends what you want the rifle for.

    I have two Sako 85's and I rate them as stalking rifles. Accurate out the box, reliable, well made, does what it says on the tin really. Ignore things you might have read about the 85 being under-engineered compared to the 75. What they mean is that it is lighter and therefore less metal, but it is well engineered in my opinion.

    If you want to buy a rifle you can depend on without wanting to tinker about with it I think the Sako 85 is a good choice. If you want to go down the customising route then Sako isn't perhaps as catered for as other makes like Remmy etc but then I put that down to Sako owners being happy with their rifles the way they are.


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    The Sako 85 is a great stalking rifle. Shoots all factory ammo I've tried very well and seems a little less fussy than others with reloads too. I've had mine for just over a year now and I haven't regretted it once!

    Hope that helps.


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    X3 for the sako 85 it very accurate out of the box and can't fault it. Its the rifle that comes out of the cabinet every time I reach to grab a rifle to go stalking with. Rifle will happily put bullets on top of each other at 200yrds.


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    There is a Sako 85 synthetic .308 for sale on the forum I believe, should be a good choice. I have a 75 and think it's a truly wondering rifle, and I'm sure the 85 is equally good, albeit a bit more modernised.

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    I have x2 75's and they shoot great.
    My clients come with 75's and 85's and I've never seen one of either shoot badly.
    Great barrels, great stocks especially the 75 synthetic, and good triggers out of the box, what more would you want.

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    These 2 were impressed by the 85's capabilities yesterday
    Had my .243 for around 3 years now.

    "Imagine you're a deer. You're prancing along, you get thirsty, you spot a little brook, you put your little deer lips down to the cool clear water... BAM! A f**kin bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask ya. Would you give a f**k what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobking View Post
    are sako 85 rifles any good?
    the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKG View Post
    the best!
    let's not over exagerate, they're almost the best, the Sako 75 coming in just ahead

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