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    is it best when buyin a new rifle to get a heavy barrel?

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    Not if you do a lot of walking with the gun. I keep my barrels short and light for stalking. However, they must be accurate for a least 3 consecutive shots IMHO.
    Heavy barrel for improved grouping and repeated shots - just right for target shooting.

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    not neccessarily......
    depends on what most of your shooting is going to be.....if your foxing sitting in a 4x4 most of the time then a lot of guys like a heavy wall or "varmint" barrel yes

    but if your mostly doing woodland stalking then no....

    same with red deeer stalking in the scottish highlands you really want to be hauling extra weight around when they hills can kill you without it? hehehehehe

    are you planning on whapping out a load o f shots one after another at paper?

    few things to take into consideration before you decide on barrel profile

    get what suits you......but a stalking profile barrel is by no means any less in worth than a varmint profile barrel

    sauer/ paul

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    Forget the Tacticool look after all what good is it after to get within safe and effective shootign distance of your quarry if you cannot hold the rifle steady due to being knackered from carrying a rifle that is needlessly heavy. A normal sportign weight barrel will do everything you need in the field. On the target riange jut pace your shooting, slow it down so the barrel does not heat up too much, yes it takes longer but your barrel and wallet with thank you .

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