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Thread: Whats the longest

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    Whats the longest

    As title ,what is the longest you have ever spent in a high seat ??
    A few weeks ago I was after the little piggy wigs,arrived at the seat about 8.45pm,good wind in my face feeding station about 80yds in front and I could see it quite clearly happy days,got myself all setup ready for the onslaught.
    Ater about two hours it started to rain and it p****d down visibility was now down to about 50 yards,about 2am I thought it must ease of shortly (wrong ) it was absolutely horrendous all night,but I decided to stick it out, only saw a fox and a badger,so after being rather wet and cold and arse numbed I packed it in at 5am,so that was over 8 hours in the seat without a sighting,can't wait for the next time.

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    12 hours, came down twice though......... My ass was numb that day.
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    All day .................... opening day of the normal rifle season in Missouri USA.

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    I like sitting in a high seat after stalking to it on an evening, nice and relaxing when the weather is reasonable, my god it gets boring though when nothing shows, even if its the wrong sex/species I dont mind, nice to watch but when there is naf all hapening iv had enough after 4 hours!

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    about 5mins at the midland game fair....

    I suffer from irritable leg syndrome, combine that with the fact that high seat shooting is incredibly boring and it makes for a very uncomfortable experience for me.
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    Never sat in one. I'd rather be hunting.~Muir

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    I can sit in a seat for hours at a time with no problems. But pissing from one one takes real skill it can be boreing at times but if there are plenty deer around then the feeling that you are watching something with out any disturbance is special.

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    ive done 8 hrs before but i dont make a habit of it !

    3hr at the right time of the day does me nicely nower days !

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    Some of what I do high seat is only option, 4 hours is my max though cant do much more

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    Never sat in one but sometimes sit up on hill watching over valleys or on top of a stone hedge,half hour and i'm generally bored pooless sometimes can manage an hour but that's me lot.

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