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Thread: Nice Buck this Morning

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    Nice Buck this Morning

    Yesterday was a disaster got up late, and i had ommited switch the electric on to charge the camera so had to go without it.
    It turned out to be or could have been the best days filming ever already broke light when i got there as i pulled up there was a cracking Red stood on my boundry, with a roe buck and two does a lot closer out in the field but they legged it as i got out of the motor . i stalked down the edge of wood to get a closer look at the stag and got to within 200yds of him but he winded me and headed into reserve .

    I made my way to the nearest high seat kicking myself for not having the camera, time was getting on now and i thought i would have missed the boat.
    But to my suprise after 10 mins a young buck crossed the ride and started eating some bramble 30m from me followed by a very large malform.
    I have seen this buck before and thought it was a perruke but after seeing him closer im not sure then within mins a doe with twins appeared .
    After nosing round my feeders they settled down just yards from the seat and the doe started licking and cleaning one of the twins i daren't breath they were that close.
    I watched them for 20 mins or more but i was glad when they moved on as my backside was numb !

    Anyway this morning i was up the seat early to get some footage of the malform, and guess what yeah bugger all !
    Except a fox that i called tried to film it up to the point of shooting but it didn't work out like i planned so i wont be doing that again ! just about to pack in when a nice buck made an appearance
    looks a decent one iv got in mind for someone so roll on april. DF

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    Thats a very nice buck double four. Will be nice to see him once he has cleaned. Nice video, cheers FM.

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    Thank you DF nice wee vid and a buck showinf signs that he dont like others in his area he looks quite tall .

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    Very nice buck as fallowm,oor said, beautiful mover well recorded and I enjoyed it very much.

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    Er are Roebucks in season yet?

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