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Thread: External Lense Fogging

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    External Lense Fogging

    Was out culling roe does this morning and for the first time since I got them I had a nightmare trying to keep my bins from fogging up (on the outside of the lense). I don't know if I have scratched some sort of external coating or if it was just a strange set of weather conditions, but this has never happened before. The swaro scope was clear as a bell, but obviously wasn't being brought to my eye as often as the bins.

    Does this suggest I have damaged the outer lenses, that I need to get a better pair of binoculars or does it sound like nothing more than poor conditions?

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    Your binos didn't spend the night in the car did they? I've made this mistake a few times.... cold lenses plus warm eyes = fog!


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    Too much heavy breathing,or tucked inside a sweaty jacket.

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    Yep, guilty of leaving them in the car overnight! Odd that it has never happened before, my bins live in the car. I certainly wasn't huffing and puffing, spent most of the morning lying on top of a frozen muck heap (the glamorouse side of stalking!). Perhaps a pair for the car and one for "best" is in order! Always nice to have an excuse to buy new kit!

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