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Thread: cherry finally popperd

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    cherry finally popperd

    well, as i sit here telling all on the sd community my story my first ever deer is hanging in my shed and will be dealt with tomorrow.
    this was my fourth outing to scotland to our little patch.
    The first time i saw nothing,trampsing about fast and keen.
    the second time i saw a few roe taking it slow and steady but never managed a shot.
    the third well,i came in contact with my first ever buck and managed to get his attention with my buttalo call to within 80 yards then i started to shake uncontrolably.
    the fourth resulted in a really nice doe after what i consider to be a fairly good stalk and a lot of luck.
    i walked down one of the forest rides on the left hand side for about 300 yards when i thought i'd cross over to the right.the rides being about thirty or so yard wide.the ground i s boggy so i did try my best not to make too much noise.finally got to the other side took a few steps and saw something white under the canopy.
    Now i'm sure you'll all agree first thing in the morning every bush,tree shrub etc starts to take the shape of a deer, and i started to think if i was seeing things.
    sure enough there it stood,i say it because at this stage i didn't know if it was a he or she and must have watched it eating just behind some long grass for about 15 min.
    then out she popped presenting me with a nice shot and one i felt comfortable taking.
    no shaking this time,sticks out and bang and back she ran into the woods where i herd a loud thump.
    i went to the point where i shot her and found evidence of blood and started to quarter like a spaniel to no avail.
    then back i went to the spot and i walked a direct line back what must of been 100 yards or so into the wood and there she was.
    upon gralloching the heart was completely oblitorated so im assuming it was purely a nerv reaction.
    so there we are chaps and chappeses my first deer,one of many i hope.
    1 deer does't sound like a lot in some peoples books but every pne has to start somewher and i thought i'd share that with you.
    many thanks to you all for the wonderfull advice and have a good stalking season
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    Well done mate. First of many we hope.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    well done

    Any pics?

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    First of many to come. And by the way everyone gets excited, if you do not get that buzz anymore then its time to pack it in. Look forward to hearing more as the Buck season opens.

    Good luck

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    well done bud on your 1st ( they call it the smile factor on walk back)get out for 2nd now ?

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    hi gelert its a long ride to scotland but results come when you carry on
    good luck tom

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    well done but now get ready for a life long passion.

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    well done mate and i know exactly where your coming from with the uncontrollable shaking!!

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