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Thread: boar in france

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    boar in france

    any body any reliable contacts for boar in france, i must emphisize reliable as ive been stung before cheers nemo

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    I presume that you are asking for next season as this years shooting ended on the 28th February though department dates vary. Stalking boar is available again in the summer but driven boar normally starts around November time I think.

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    yes next year got to save up first

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    I've just got back from France having finally been put in contact with a guy that I have been trying to arrange with for the past two years- a friend of a contact. I enjoyed myself but had to do most of the arranging myself which at times was a little trying. I will probably post a report of my trip on this site sometime in the next few days.
    To me it was an experience that I having been looking forward to for a considerable number of years but I'm not sure if I want to do it in the same way again, though I'm invited back next year if I want to.
    I can't recommend the chap I went with purely because he isn't geared up for commercial operations suitable for U.K. shooters, his operation is aimed purely towards French hunters. That's not to say I didn't enjoy myself or that the company wasn't good, just that my limited French and there being only a couple of guys on the one day only who spoke any English at all caused a few communication difficulties which probably took something away from the experience. None the less it was an experience that I will remember for years to come.

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    Try speaking to Tim at Brown Trout and Co, Harrogate, he may be able to help Tel 01423 709 741


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