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Thread: What's expected?

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    What's expected?

    The more I read and study, the more I learn. Maybe, now, my questions are more 'focused.' I know that I need to discuss these with my Stalker. I am just asking about about what can generally be expected. I have a few somewhat random questions:

    When I read others descriptions of their stalks, it seems as if the either shoot, or expect to shoot game every outing. I know hunting is hunting, but is this the norm?

    I will probably be coming in the spring or fall and will have a lightweight GoreTex rain suit. Who makes the call if it is too inclimate to hunt.

    I will bring my hunting backpack with the stuff that I think I might need, but does the stalker supply the shooting sticks?

    What is considered a reasonable tip, 10%, plus something extra for additional services?

    I'm sure I'll have more, but thanks again for now, capt david

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    Good questions all!

    If you look on the site you will find a few threads relating to the number of outings per deer shot. For me, I'd think at the moment it averages out at somewhere around 1 deer in 4 outings. Bear in mind, though, that I am only after roe does as we leave the muntjac for when clients come over. Last time I was out I could have shot two or three muntjac, which is blooming typical when you're not after them

    So far as calling off the hunt if the weather's too bad, it will be the guide who has the final say. In my experience fog is worse than rain. Although it's not much fun being out when it's hammering down, when it stops it can be a great time to catch up with the deer, as they will often take this opportunity to get out and eat having been bedded down during the downpour. In fog, however, unless it's patchy you'll likely just end up bumping deer.

    With the sticks, where I go then if the client is inexperienced we will tell them that we will position the sticks for them - all they have to do is place the rifle stock on the sticks. For someone not used to using them sticks can be a real handful.

    For lowland stalking I've never received a tip and wouldn't actually expect to, but that's because the stalking is typically arranged "on account" and settled later rather than cash changing hands at the time of the stalk. That said, it could just be because I'm crap at guiding . I'm sure others on the site can advise you as to what is the norm.

    Keep the questions coming, as we'll all learn from the answers of other site members.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Never been tipped by a %
    It should reflect your enjoyment and possibly trophy.
    It isn't expected but is welcome.

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    Read through the above which has answered a few things. Can anyone tell me what is expected of me on my first stalk? I have booked with a PH who is kindly going to take me round on a 1-1 which is great. However I'm not sure whether I will be expected to track animals for myself or decide on the direction of the stalk? If lucky enough to come across a suitable beast am I to wait until the PH gives the instruction to take the shot or is this down to me? To be honest I would appreciate some direction at this point to be sure there is no chance of an itchy finger on my first outing. Will I be expected to grollock the animal. This I would want to do but guidance would be good. I don't want to be expecting a PH to hold my hand an mentor me if this is not the usual form. Would a PH normally pass on his skills for instance on why a particular animal is the best to cull? Or are they generally fairly introvert expecting the client to have this knowledge before stalking? I have booked a morning and evening stalk since I will be travelling some distance. What usually happens in the time between stalks? I usually hunt with fairly meager equipment, mainly because I don't have 's to spend on kit and would rather be out there shooting than grafting away earning the money to buy the kit, but with all the stuff available am I expected to have range finders, expensive bino's, knives, saws, and what ever else I could buy if I had enough cash. I could ask more but perhaps if any old hands or even new stalkers give me an idea of what has happened to them it would be great to get a picture of how formal or relaxed people are towards new stalkers. Look forward to hearing your experiences.

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    hi woodmaster explain to the stalker before you go out that its your first stalk he will then know your a novice you should have your rifle sticks and binos your guide will have a roe sack and knife ect he will show you the route to stalk and try and get you into a pisition to shoot a cull animal
    atb tom

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    If you go out with a guide you will follow him and he will get you in to the shot keep you calm and ask if you are comfortable at that range if the answer is yes to his questions he will say take her him when broad side and will even say when the deer is broad side take it now. After you have shot some say good shot reload but hey some don't. A good thank you and a big hug is all that's needed no tipping for some as it offends you pay your money this is not America. But if your out with a guide who dose not run or own the company a small gratitude is normally offered.
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    Woodmaster, my first experience with a payed stalk was only a few months ago and all I took was my usual stalking clothes binoculars that's all, my ph took me round as they will obviously know there ground really well and would know best places to possibly see a deer, when we were on the deer I was instructed to take the shots, the sticks were provided,but I guess if there was a few then could possible be instructed which one,my ph was great passed on a lot of his experience and expertise onto me on that 4hr stalk,as for the grallock they won't expect you and will if you want help show you how to do it, well this was my experience with JRoe off this site great guy who could do nothing else to try and help me and pass on any his tips on to me a real great experience, I have since booked another morning and evening stalk because I enjoyed it that much with him.

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    just make sure you communicate in advance so the guide knows what to expect and you know he/she will make sure you have a great first outing that you can constructively build on for your second, third, etc. eventually graduating and building equipment over time to the point where you feel comfortable of taking it on yourself.  communication and honesty is key, if you are wondering about tips, ask! I recall when I had my first trip to the Tweed, a the ghillie at ravenswood, Tony Ford I think it was, helped me with my double spey casting and let me borrow a rod after he realised my setup didn't match the line rating properly so didn't load the rod...anyway, caught a double figure sea trout, my first, and had a great day.  even though I'd been fishing for years and years, I was new at this game, and I was not afraid to ask for help. he was very helpful and at the end of the day I gave him 40 to split between his buddy and him, and I asked, I've not tipped a ghillie before, is this a fair tip? he said 'yes, that's perfect, many thanks'.  I've been back since and look forward to booking another day this autumn I hope oh,,,btw,,I've been fishing for 30 years, fly fishing for 15 and salmon fishing for 6...I've still to catch my first salmon,,but I will never stop trying because it's the day and process that is enjoyable, the catch is/will just be a bonus

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    Thanks. Set my mind at rest. Great to hear from people new to stalking as well seasoned ones. Will be putting in some extra practice off the sticks over the next day or two in the hope I will get that first animal. I did tell the PH that this was to be my first stalk but as is often the case with us lone hunters he seemed to be a man of few words, so just thought I'd better know the form. Cheers.

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