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Thread: Howa .243

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    Howa .243

    this is not my Rifle, I own a Range. A chap called in today, said he had this Howa Rifle in .243, as new, only fired a few rounds. Now some sort of family problem forces a sale.
    Do not know what he paid for it new, but says he will take 390 for it.
    If there is any interest i will get it, and hold on to it for you.

    It has the green plastic stock, screw cut with moderator, fitted with mounts and rings.
    SOLD FOR 300, Sorry SOLD.
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    just a little vague mate yes its a howa 243!! and then!!!!!

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    Sorry Guys, as i was not interested for myself thats all i know. But if there is any interest as i said i will go and get hold of it and have a closer look.
    Only trying to be helpfull.

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    hi trev could you pm me more info please ,just waiting for my variation to come back, could be well interested cheers paul

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