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Thread: moderators on ticket question

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    moderators on ticket question

    as the title states! if i have mod on my ticket and i have more than one mod for that calibre?

    many thanks stu

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    Ummm, what's the question?

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    Can i have more than 1 mod per calibre

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    There isn't anything to say you can't, but you'd have to justify it to your licensing department I'd guess. What is the reason you'd want more than one per calibre?

    There are normal reasons why that could happen too... for example, you could have a .308 and .30-06, both with moderators, and those moderators could in theory be identical!


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    why has this thread been moved! as per previous questions from members

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    This might help, to use a mod on a rifle you must have it on your FAC. To buy a mod you need a space allocated for it on your FAC the same as a firearm. To have multiple moderators then you need to additional slots but like mentioned you need to justify the need for an extra one. An example may be one for highseat work which is a top end one for high levels of performance but is heavier that 'the other' for practical stalking which is lighter and shorter in construction.

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    Different threads would make it essential.


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