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Thread: Hi from Allroad

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    Hi from Allroad

    Hi Experienced game shooter, with gundog training experience / trials in both
    labradors and spaniels, always had an interest in deer stalking / management
    until now had done nothing about it but recently just passed my DSC 1 so
    very keen over here in N.Ireland to learn more and gain experience off this
    sport. Also would just like to say this site is great keep it up please.

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    Hello Allroad, we're a friendly bunch on here, although you might not think it after 48hr since you posted and nobody has welcomed you .
    I'm two years in to the stalking side of things, still a lot to learn but a lot of those doubts can be resolved on this forum.
    I trial HPR's, Weimaraners actually....OK stop laughing, thoroughly enjoy it and shooting over them too.

    Welcome to teh forum,


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    Yes welcome allroad, good to hear your an all rounder, never go out without my dog, well someone has to eat the wife's sandwiches !

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