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Thread: how to raise money..... for charity

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    how to raise money..... for charity

    We were asked to think about things we could do to raise money for some big charity thing that's coming along soon. So some will bake stuff, some will dress up and I started thinking rather than just give a couple of quid..... take the day off and go sponsored deer stalking?!

    I like it, what do you think!

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    Clay pigeon shoot ?

    Secret is to get each stand sponsored so that you have no lay out for clays, also beg for prizes [guns on keepers days, days stalking,venison etc] any hunting lots will be a first for some clay shooters

    I haven't run one for a few yers now but I used to be able to raise £2 - 3k n a day for the SGA.

    You also need a team of good volunteers

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    Here's a bit of controversy why doesn't every one take a week of work due to the disgust over the price of uk fuel, the fuel money you save by not traveling that week ,donate a percentage of the price of the tank of fuel.

    You would stand to make millions at the current rip off prices .

    I'm just wondering how long it will take before there is some sort of revolt over it
    We missed our chance. The last fuel blockade (2000) took the Govt by surprise and nearly crippled the country, now they're prepared, Army and Police on standby - "Power to the People !" - fat chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post

    All came about with the last bunch of idiots left that big a mess it going to take some sorting
    Ah - that is where we differ - but politics aint the reason why i joined this site

    Happy stalking mate

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    Regardless of who ever is sitting in the chairs at Westminster if this crap carries on much longer in the middle east it'll be £2 a litre for fuel in the very, very near future.

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    at £2 a litre I loose the ability to pay my mortgage with travelling nearly 100 miles a day to work and back...

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