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Thread: Scopes for Stalking

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    Smile Scopes for Stalking

    I will be using a 7x57. My gun is usually shot in to be 2" high at 100yds and dead on at 200yds. I have quick detachable mounts that alow me to change scopes easily and not have to resight for shots 200yds or closer. I have a 6x40, a 2-7x40, a 3x9x40 and a 4-14x50. If you were me, which two would you bring on my upcoming trip? thanks, capt david

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    Whatever is best at low light which is when most shots are taken here. I suspect the 4-14x50 would be best?

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    not sue what you will be hunting, but the 6 x 40 will do for most things

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    captdavid you haven't given a lot of information really. The answer will depend on the quality of the optics as most stalking in the U.K. takes place at dusk and dawn when good light gathering and transfer in a scope are required. From the limited information you have given I tend to agree with both Monkey Spanker and bambislayer, after all you did mention bringing two scopes.

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    Hmmm well having started off with the wrong type of rectilce really, that being the conventional duplex, and then finding it dissappeared in the gloom making to shot almost impossible. It was just such an episode Roe Stalking on the South Downs whena storm blew in off the channel that made me realise I needed better optics on the rifle as I could not make out which way the beast was facing through the scope yet the guide said he could see it clearly through his Zeiss Nightowls.

    I began upgrading as soon as finances allowed .

    There are not that many places really that require a 200 yard shot so bear that in mind and just like Whitetails in the woods you'll likely be much closer and often under 100 yards.

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    Yes remember that low light can be a problem at any time of day under cover. Stalking is mostley at dawn and dusk so 6 x 40 and the x x 50 would be best choice.

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    Oh yes I forgot to say being fooled by the flashy ads and glossy write ups I aquired a Leupold Vari X 2.5-8 scope. Because of the scope I brought the rifle as the price was right, now with hindsight I wish I had not done so and brought the near new Parker-Hale M81 classic in 7mm Rem mag instead of the Ruger No1 in 300 Win mag with the Leupold.

    I tried using the Leupold in woodland Roe Buck stalking and whilst it was okish most of the time but on overcast days even in the afternoon or later morning is was not that good. I soon reverted to the un branded 6x42 scope I brought from Empire Gunsight Co which has surprisingly good optics.

    I still have the Leupold, it's sitting atop one of the collection that is for collection only and not shooting.

    Something to bear in mind as you do not want to spoil your stalking by being handicapped by not being able to take the shot presented through poor light transmission and a too fine reticle.

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    I am at a loss here where are you traveling to and what is your intended prey ? Perhaps I am missing something

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