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Thread: Classic guns and gun shops?

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    Smile Classic guns and gun shops?

    It's always been a dream of mine to own a classic English rifle. I'm not interested in a collector's rifle, just a shooter. If it has been modified it would be OK with me, 'cause it would be cheaper.I would like a 275 Rigby, a 318 Wesley Richards, a 300 H&H Super, or possibly one in 30US 30-06. I have no idea what they might sell for. If anyone could help, or send me in the right direction, I would be much appreciative. Thanks, capt david

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    Try Ron Peterson's Guns in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ron often has English sporting rifles. Simpson's LTD would be another good source. These rifles are available in the US. No need to look abroad.~Muir

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    Ahhh even though your intending to visit our shores buying the rifle whilst here although not impossible is extremely difficult. Findign a dealer who knows how to help you is also very difficult as it's such a hassle and time consuming most are not interested. Exporting one by carrier is a different thing all together and several have experiecne of this.

    Now you say English Rifle. ....................................... well please bear in mind the Parker-Hale and BSA are also English as is TT Proctor, and they are very different. This is I believe a classically English style rifle:-

    Of course it's a .270 and not one you mentioned. The rifle is an enhanced Parker-Hale and several companies did this so P-H rifles. I believe that Rigby of London did some for Parker-Hale but they are usually marked as such. This one is not so who did the work is not known. The rifle is priced I seem to recall at 295 another calibre/chambering would probably be more as the .270 Winchester is unfashionable in a lot of places now it seems.

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    I was stalking with a friend on thursday and he has a 300 H&H made by TT Proctor, its a stunning rifle and one hell of a machine.

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    Basically there is no such thing after about 1900 as "a classic English bolt action rifle" that you could not pretty much have made in the USA by any custom gunmaker.

    The reason is is that mostly all the English bespoke rifles after that date used imported Mauser actions - or Mannlicher actions. Rigby, Westley (although not my choice they were never considered as a "first rank" maker), Holland's, Gibbs etc.


    The only rifle I would avoid would be the Lloyd abominations. They don't please the eye nor would I consider them a "classic " style.

    But! There's always as "but"....but what sets "a classic English bolt action rifle" apart from anything made in the USA or even Europe is the 'scope mounting system.

    And regretfully you simply can't re-create that with something bought cheap "off the shelf" from Leupold or Weaver or Warne.

    Or even Apel or anybody's Suhler type mounts. They just don't look right for "a classic English bolt action rifle".

    Only Prechtl in Germany AFAIK makes anything like Holland's sidemount and it isn't cheap!

    Best of luck with your search.

    Holt's the Norfolk based auctioneers have a good export service to US. I'd also consider Bonham's sporting gun department and Gavin Gardiner associated with Sotheby's.

    But...and here's the final "but"...but don't expect really any better than something under a three inch group at one hundred yards.
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    Brit, did I read you correct? If so, where might the said rifle be found...received my tax rebate yesterday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Brit, did I read you correct? If so, where might the said rifle be found...received my tax rebate yesterday!
    Did you read what correctly?

    Clarify what you mean and I'll do my best to help out if I can.

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    Sorry, I should have been clearer. Is the .270 in your original post currently on the marker and, if so, whererabouts?

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    Not wishing to be contentious but what constitutes a classic British rifle? I know that Brithunter is a great fan of Parker Hale and BSA rifles and I don’t want to upset him but personally I wouldn’t consider most Parker Hale rifles as classic British rifles. My first centrefire rifle was a Parker Hale and I think of them as good rifles in their day and still very good value for money, hey I was even tempted to start collecting them myself a few years back but I can’t think of most of them as typical classic British rifles.
    Right the reasons for my thinking.
    1. Parker Hale rifles were assembled from a series of parts bins. Originally various military actions were adapted and in later years Santa Barbara (excuse spelling) commercial actions from Spain were utilised.
    2. Many Parker Hale rifles resembled horrid mock Weatherby rifles with white plastic spacers and skip line chequering, certainly not what a classic British rifle should look like in my opinion.

    Saying that the finest Parker Hale to my way of thinking and the one closest to the classic British style was one of the last models that they produced the M81 classic.
    Enfieldsports has a very valid point about rifles based on military Mauser actions being prevented from import in to the U.S.A.
    Now I’ll duck out of the debate and go to the garage to look for my grandfathers old steel helmet and await the incoming. Nothing personal Kev it’s just that we all have different views on what constitutes a classic British rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Sorry, I should have been clearer. Is the .270 in your original post currently on the marker and, if so, whererabouts?
    No problem. The rifle is an enhanced Parker-Hale but by who we do not know. I have seen similar ones offered for sale at gunshow. At one Bisley show was one by Alex Martin and they wanted a lot ofr it. When i aksed how they could justify the price for what was a very slightly altered P-H 1200 Super they just looked blankly. That one even had the P-H 1200 stock that was only slightly, very slightly altered, yet the price was well over double this one.

    I will PM the details where I saw it but please be aware I am not looked at/for it in the last couple of weeks. It was there a few weeks ago. I had considered tying to get it my self but let's face the licesing folks don't like the fact i already have four .270's now so number Five would be problematic.

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