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    funny story

    well i had a problem with my kurhuna meindel boots so back to winkies in tain with them and no probs says himself we will send them off. so in about a week i get a fone call on the mobile boots are back pleas come get them at no charge. so dead keen to get them back and a visit to winkies a bonus as herself recons i spend way to much time in there and hes only 80 miles away south from me. so any way gets down there straight in ok wheres me boots said boots are produced theres then some debate between gregor and paul as to are they the rite boots and i am standing there saying aye their mines id know them any where so i gets them out to car well after a good look round and noticeing he now has lieca scopes in and a bit of a chin wag and a look round tain its back in car and of back north. gets in the dooor triuphantly brandishing resoled botts and in a meibel box which i didnt send them of in. so got your preciouse boots back then says she aye says me lets have a look then says she and as soon as they are out the box she proclaims those are not your boots... aye they are says me and imediately try to cram my size 11s into as i now discovere a size 9and a half. then i check my mobile which as been flat all day only to find gregor has tryed foneing me twice to say oi those arrent your boots.. so now i am sorry if the owner of the size 9s is a member on here i will get them back as soon as i can probably next weekend

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    oh well i thought it was amusing

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    I would avoid making any posts about the cost of diesel, or tyres, or motoring costs generally for the next wee while

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