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    My Mate

    My mate who has this noticable nervous eye twitch and very concious about it around women decided the only way he would get himself a woman was if they wasnt aware of his affliction, so he thought the only way this could happen was chat a young lady up in the dark and the only place he could do that was in a Cinema.

    Anyhow he sat next to this young lady and was thinking of a way he could chat her up so when the interval came he thought I will buy her an ice cream and get chatting to so he rushed on down the cinema rows to the front and got two tubs, one for himself and one for his so called new found friend, and as he was giving the ice cream to her she looked up at him and to his surprise he noticed that she had a cleft lip, but he was commited in handing over the ice cream by then, and said to the young lady i thought you just might fancy an ice cream.

    The young lady replied I could have bought my own ice cream cunnt I
    to which he replied theres no need to be like that about twatt features I was just trying to be friendly.
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