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Thread: Clean roe buck

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    Clean roe buck

    Saw my first clean roe buck today, a six pointer in suffolk, has anyone else seen any clean bucks?

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    Not on my grounds yet but a lot of bucks about


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    Yeah Jon15,I saw about 4-5 bucks yesterday all stil in velvet except one which was very clean in the northumberland area.
    ATB John

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    seen 4 mature bucks clean now. 1st about 3 weeks ago.

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    Saw a nice 6 pointer (clean ) in the car park at beamish museum this morning, didnt seem to bothered by me, Followed it up to the next level carpark and watched it clear a 4ft dry stone wall with ease

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    I saw 1 last week, a nice clean 6 pointer in Ayrshire. In 2.5 days I saw 17 deer and only 1 was a buck on our permission and a further 10 very close by.
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    Saw two nice bucks yesterday in full velvet, no signs of shedding

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    Saw my first ciean buck just over a week ago, was out today for a mooch about saw 19 roe 8 of them bucks and 1 of those was clean, bet they wont be about come the 1st .

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