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Thread: Trigger Adjustment

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    Trigger Adjustment

    Trying to find any links to adjusting a Tikka T3 trigger and having no luck, does anyone know of any links please?



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    Download the Instruction Manual via Adobe - see Page 19 - Owner's Manual RH.

    Don't you have one or was it a secondhand buy?

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    T3 ajustment is simple.

    Take action out of stock, you will see the ajustment grub screw thats paralell with barrel in trigger housing, unscrew / ajust thjis to suit your requirements.

    Making sure of course the units sear engagement is not affected by light ajustment making the rifle unsafe.

    The screw will only undo so far when it then fouls with the retention bolt.

    Suggest you leave the ajustment screw at least one full turn in from touching this bolt.

    Most tikkas have loevly triggers - even the T3's....

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    Cheers for that gents, got the rifle new but didnt get a manual with it, thanks for reminding me about the sears...I will clout the stock gently on the floor to check they will hold and do a few slams of the bolt to be double sure.



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