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Thread: Roedale Precision Picatinny rail for Sako 75

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    Roedale Precision Picatinny rail for Sako 75

    Any one had any experience of these. Looking to have a rail fitted so I can put some night vison on.

    Roedale Precision WebShop - Picatinny Rail für Sako mit Optilock (0MOA) PR Sako (0MOA)

    Also anyine used quick release mounts on picatinny and how good is there return to zero.



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    Hi Andy,

    Can't comment on the rail, but I use quick release mounts on my Sauer and no problem with return to zero, spot on!



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    What make of quick release mounts. I have a 30mm Swaro to put on.



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    I tried to get a rail from Roedale for my 202 but found them difficult to contact. Got the EAW version in the end but not cheap. Leupold or Warne QRW mounts seem to return to zero.

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    Try Third Eye Tactical my friend has just had a rail made for his Cooper.

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    Have tried them and I have been told they do not do a single rail but in the next month or so will have a Two piece picatinny base for the Sako actions available.

    I have however ordered a Recknagel picatinny rail from Alan Rhone. I should have this in a week or so and will post some pictures when I've put it on.



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    I have the short one on my L579 Sako which also fits on some 75 actions.
    Work really well, with good recknagel mounts it seems lighter than optilocks on their own.
    Have picatinny rails on all my rifles, makes changing scopes from rifle to rifle very easy.

    Spoke to Pete Lincoln today, they were just packing up to go to the IWA show.
    The next few days you won't be able to contact them.
    If you like I can ask him if they are available, maybe even get one at the show for you.
    I'll be in Germany over at the weekend, will meet Roedale and Recknagel.
    If I can be of help, my e-mail:

    I found picatinny rails & mounts do not return to zero 100%, but are fairly close. Maybe 2 clicks off.


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    Thanks for that.

    Until I fit the rail i'm not sure what height rings i'll need.

    Have a good trip



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    Would be very interested to know how you get on as I am looking for a rail for my Sako 75. Have to say I dont like the look of the Roedale one with the seperate mounting blocks. Increased hieght + weight , something else to come loose etc. I want one that goes directly on to the action in a single rail. I believe Near MFG do a good one as do one or two others on the other side of the pond though there may be problems with them exporting gun related products.
    Is the recknagel one one piece and low, and dare I ask how much it is?

    Cheers George

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    Roedale do not seem to be bothered to answer contact emails even phoning gets German answering machine, gave up with them, will spend hard earned elsewhere.

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