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Thread: Advise on optimate 6-24x50

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    Advise on optimate 6-24x50

    Hi folks,

    looking for some advise.

    I am planning on buying a new 243 set up and have been offered an optimate 6-24x50 scope to go with a tikka t3 lite.

    just wondering if anyone has had any experiance with these scopes and what your views on them are?


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    a while ago i was looking at some optimate scopes my local gun shop had it just out of curiosty as he said they were good for the money and to be fair they were but the higher magnification ones were showing the cracks a little i must admit so have a good test run before you buy the scope

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    I've not used that scope, however I have the optimate 3-9+50 and I've been very pleased with it. Bright optics and good build quality. I would have another optimate.
    Regards oli

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    Hello ally, I use a 5-20 - 50 OPTIMATE on my HMR which i bought for 165 about 2 years ago & it gives a very clear image,gathers light very well,holds its zero and the corrections are precise in a nutshell it does exactly what its supposed to do ( i shoot dawn to dusk out to 200 yards ),they are EDGAR BROS of macclesfield own line of scopes and are made in japan,they dont have a fancy name or price but i cant fault mine and will buy another for my next rifle,lee

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    thanks for all the replies folks.

    i bought the set up and the scope is a 5-20x50, (not quite what i put in the original post).

    I am realy quite happy with it and have found that in low light,it is very very good value for money.


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