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    hi guys and lasses.. i have noticed of late that after a few rounds at the tgt thst my mod is unscrewing its self no mater how tightly i screw it in am i right in thinking that this will affect acuracy..??

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    Yes, I remember 6 or 7 years ago practising with my T8 on my 243 and the shots got worse and worse. I decided to give up and call it a day. When I went to take the moderator off the rifle and put all my gear in the back of the car, I found the T8 was loose. I traded it in for an AU-S5 shortly afterwards. One recommendation made to me was to paint an index mark on the rear of the mod which is visible when shooting. If the mod becomes loose, the painted mark will show up the movement.

    Regards JCS

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    Most rifle barrels have a right hand twist so as the gases exit and hit the baffles they in fact try to un-screw a right hand threaded moderator from the barrel. Not a big problem on a stalking/foxing rifle. If you look at any of the USA moderators for use on military full auto firearms you will see that they are threaded left hand, so the gases screw the moderator tighter on as you fire more rounds, or are spigotted in place.



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    Will defiantly affect your rifles zero/accuracy i had this problem with a Predator 8 on my .270 ,No matter how tight i made it after 3 shots the end baffle kept on coming loose greatly affecting the rifles zero
    This is the only make of mod i have do this never had this problem with the T8's , north star , a-tec mods

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    ok guys thanks for the info.. its a t8 i have so no good then..blast any ideas how about thread lock

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoker150 View Post
    ok guys thanks for the info.. its a t8 i have so no good then..blast any ideas how about thread lock
    Two thoughts:
    1 Trade it in.
    2 Find someone who can carefully open up the bush a fraction.

    Rgds JCS
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    You can wrap plumbers white PTFE tape round the thread, this has been known to work, not ideal but it is worth a try.



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    If you don't already do it then try a little grease on the threads when putting the mod on. Then tighten it up and see how that goes for you. My money says that it will at least give you some improvement. In saying that there is some potential for disaster if the mod were to work lose while shooting so it is worth checking that it is tight now and again as part of your normal shooting safety routine. It isn't a big job and is just a matter of getting into the habit.

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    A thread should have a snug fit to the moderator, but not so tight you exert any real force. It should engage the first section and glide down the threads using a single hand. The contact with the muzzle shoulders, if cut square, is enough to keep it from unscrewing and ensures perfect alignment to the bore.

    This factor is just as important for a muzzle-mounted moderator as it is for an over-the-barrel model. In fact, with moderators that sleeve down the barrel, the rear supporting bush can also be a contentious issue.

    If you fit an over-the-barrel moderator to your rifle and look at the gap at the rear of the moderator with the bush removed, you should see a perfect concentric equal diameter between it and the outside diameter of the bore. If you do not, then the thread is on the skew, so when you fit the rear bush and tighten the moderator fully, the barrel will be tensioned between the muzzle and this point, as the moderator tries to straighten the misalignment.

    This is not good for the rifle and certainly detrimental to accuracy. If there is proper alignment, then a tight rear bush is beneficial; if not, a couple of thou clearance would be better suited.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Not all rifles have a bore that is exactly centred in the barrel.When screw cutting, a barrel should always be centred in the lathe according to the bore, not the outside of the barrel.

    As such is possible for the mod to look a bit off centre when compared to the outside of the barrel.
    Both my Sako Finnfire and Tikka have bores that are slightly out of allignment with the centre of the barrel.

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