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Thread: Any advice please?

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    Any advice please?

    Hi from a new member! It was good to find this forum. I'm a shooter with some stalking experience looking to get out of the 9-5 grind and move into deer management. ABSOLUTELY NO ROSE-TINTED SPECTACLES here I promise! Is it worth pursuing DSC qualifications (I've got the course materials) with a view to getting my foot in the door professionally? I've asked the BDS for advice but I'm awaiting a response. Are there any opportunities out there, or is it a total non-starter??? I'm in bucks but could relocate. Any advice would be appreciated - cheers
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    Join NGO and get known. You don't give much detail but college degrees are now the in thing. Deer Managers are thin on the ground compared to keepers. Stalkers are usually positions filled with keepers too. Older people usually work at shoots and help local estates to get known. Remember the down turn in the economy means there are a lot of experienced men out there chasing every job,

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    Cheers Jim, I appreciate the reply. Good advice regarding the NGO. Getting myself known is also a very good idea! I'm certainly going to follow up with the BDS (in fact their Membership Secretary called me today but I missed her). Yes I'm a relative novice in the field, and I'm knocking on 40, but I'm an experienced rifle shooter. I guess I'll be booking up that DSC1 ASAP. Thanks again. John

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