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Thread: Grouping steyr .223 prohunter

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    Grouping steyr .223 prohunter

    Does any one reload for the above in mk2 mountain . It has a 1:9 twist rate. I have tried a few different bullets and weights but it won't group well with anything less than 60 gr bullets. This isn't a massive problem but I am curious to hear from others and their results.


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    My mate has the same gun, it shoots everything well, all loads are with win brass and fed primers. 40gr vmax 27.5gr varget, 55gr vmax 27gr varget, these loads are near max and depending on your brass you might not fit it all in, these shoot half inch groups and 75gr amax at 23.5gr of varget gives tiny groups.

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    I am using vit n130 and the loads are a lot lighter. I will try varget the next time I get powder. Normally I don't hunt much between now and July so this will give me time to play around. What varget does he use

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