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Thread: confidence in your rifle

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    confidence in your rifle

    After buying a new rifle (browning x bolt 243) i had zero'ed it in about 2 weeks ago putting 5 round in a 1/4 inch box(happy with that) I thought yep thats good enough to take out into the field and use on quarry! I did go out for a stalk on thursday after work in the wind and drizzle i had stalked 3 roe does along a hedge with in approx 200yds, but with the wind i thought not in taking the shot!. I packet up and headed home to dry out!!! My mate steve had also aquired a x bolt in 223 but had a problem with the rings he was sold! well today he gave me a bell and asked if i wanted to go help spot for him zeroing it oh go on then i said i will be their in 5! i grabbed the 243 and we headed off to a set of linchets on his land that were crawling in bunnies after zeroing his rifle we let it cool! we knew that across the vally approx 450yds was a large warren i thought about some longer distance shooting after about 5 mins a bunnie popped his head up out of his hole had a wee look aimed bang on in the middle and THWACK!!!! he rolled about 3 feet down the hill! dead! which at 450yds made my day!!! and as the title says! enstilled my confidence in my rife.

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    i some times shoot bunnies with my 243 ( but i think its bit of over kill )never mind it keeps your in

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    yes alittle over kill! but if your shooting a dear( alittle to far) at +200yds its good to know you can easily hit the spot with no probs

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    Hi Speedystu,
    To hit a bunny aiming spot on at 450yds, at what distance do you have the rifle zeroed at ?
    If i tried to shoot "straight at" at that distance even with 55g rounds zeroed 1 inch high at 100yds in my rifle, i'd miss low every time?


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    hi tikka! its zeroed at 100meters useing 100gr sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brough View Post
    Says it all really!

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    Mmmmmm x 3..............

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    I'm Shooting them at that range with my 22lr.

    No hold over either.

    Rgds, Buck.

    PS. ok knock the last 0 off 45 yards.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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