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Thread: DIY stalking sticks

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    DIY stalking sticks

    Visiting the Uk in a couple of weeks for a stalking break and want to get hold of 2 6ft green plastic covered garden canes so I don't need to bring my sticks with me. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some in the Newton Abbot/Devon area please? Have looked on the various B&Q and Trago Mills sites but does anyone know of anywhere that DEFINETLY has them in stock so that I can send my sis out to buy them for me.
    Regards Toby

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    b&q defo mate thats where i got mine!

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    B&Q or Homebase.

    Good luck on your vist to UK.
    "No matter how much you do.....there's always plenty more!"

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    Thanks guys, I'll get my sis on it .

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    With B&Q you can order online for pick up at the local branch. That is what I did when I wanted my sticks as the local B&Q didn't have any every time I would visit. So, ordered online and in a few days they were sitting in the branch for me to pick up at my leisure.

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    Get her to nip in to Halfords and get a couple of soft foam handle bar covers to place on the top of the sticks.

    Cut them to length then use the bits you cut off down the bottom of the sticks to stop them banging together

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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