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Thread: foxing at night

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    foxing at night

    hi folks,

    I have just managed to obtain permission to hunt foxes on a bit of land.

    It might sound like a daft question, but i was wondering if there is a particular time of night or day that are foxes more active?

    any help would be much appreciated.


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    i usually head out about duskish time! and usually bag a few prowlers

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    Depends on the area but luck and skill go a long way to being successful. Foxes will generally hunt when there is opportunity to but venture out to cover more open ground at night. There's a lot of things to consider but once you've learned you ground you just have to put time in.

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    The fox'es on my patch seem to be very much creature's of habit, if you see them one night in one place you will more than likely see them " in or near" the same place in the night's to come.

    But they learn very quickly, so it pays to vary the time you go out.

    Then hopefully they don't get use to a routine.

    Best of luck

    regard's bernie

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    Along with a good measure of care,& a large portion of patience, you will do well......, I've taken them at all hours of the clock in all seasons, but the main chance begins at last light on through the small hours.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    You can find that early morning can be productive. Fox after a night on the prowl can be a little less alert. Recently seen one at 2.00pm. At this time of year many vixens will be holed up with cubs and their feeding times can vary.

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    If you've got new born lambs on the ground as we have already down here in kent, nows a good time to sit and wait at anytime, where theres easy pickings, you'll find 'em.
    I've got a place where they are most active during the day when the municiple tip is open and the dustcarts are coming to and fro to empty.

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    thanks for all the replies.

    lambing is not set to start on the farm till next month, so im wanting to make a dent on the population now.

    should i try laying out bait?

    also i have a terrier and was wondering where to look for the dens?

    once again any advise would be much appreciated.


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    I put in some ground work to suit, Generally I find the good time is just before dusk up to nine oclock and from 03.00 to light
    sometimes midnight throws one in as well. really depends on food status sometimes, near apen they keep coming

    I think they are more calmer in the early hours of the morning particularly if you're laid up somewhere with a good shootable area ?

    Just stay out ALL night

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    i would prob ask some one expierinced to go out with u and show u the ropes, but get to know the land very well in daylight as can look totally different in the dark and u will be familar with safe shots and ranges.

    I don't mean to offend u but is the terrier trained/experienced foxes before, There is slighlty more to it than sticking ur pet down the first foxy looking hole, again a neighbouring keeper/experienced fella could put u in touch with a terrier man. It is always worth looking for/finding dens. Even if u don't put ur dog to ground u can ambush adults and later on cubs as they go in/out or play around the den. Depending on the type of farm it is but the old skool herd's(shepards) usually know where most dens and stuff like that is

    Baiting can work for some but ot so much for other areas, each to there own. I would ask the farmer if he has any dead ewe's that the foxes have jist started on to leave it out and phone u straight away so u can sit on it.

    Hope that helps, and sorry if i have picked u up wrong about the terrier

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