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Thread: Need to scope a HMR - thoughts

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    Need to scope a HMR - thoughts

    What is the current thinking on best value scopes for an HMR?

    Need to get something over the next couple of weeks, not too expensive. Lets say 42mm obj lens minimum and 10x or thereabouts on the mag. This rifle will do most of its serious work with a lamp.

    I would like to cap this at around 150 or so. Can't really justify another Swarovski for this little rifle......

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have been looking at a second hand Nikon Monarch for mine.
    Was also a second hand Leupold on here that looked very nice.

    I have a 6-20x40 Leupold on my HMR at the moment and it works very well.

    500 scopes second hand fall into your bracket

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    I had a Monarch on mine, cracking scope for the money, also their cheaper ones are very good too. Dont forget you can put an air rifle scope on too as no recoil to wreck it.

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    I have a 40 second Walther scope on my .22
    came off my air rifle! does the job for bunnies

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    I can only comment on why I chose my scope and my experiences with it.

    My main concern was a bullet proof warranty- my 17HMR spends a lot of time in the truck and gets knocked about a lot, so a sturdy scope with a trustworthy warranty was very important. I also wanted something affordable, variable and not Chinese (for quality control issues), which essentially knocked out anything European. I read a lot of reviews on US sites and eventually narrowed it down to Leupold and Vortex, on the basis of their warranties. From my research it seemed that cheap Vortexes are far better than cheap Leups, and also that we pay an absurd premium for Leupolds over here, so I plumped for a Vortex. The cheapest, the Crossfire, is made with Chinese glass, so I went for the next one up; a US made (Philipino glass) Diamondback 3-9x40 from ICC Hunting for 185. In retrospect I do wish I had gone for the 4-12x40.

    It has far exceeded my expectations. I have yet to meet anyone who has heard of the company, and everyone who asks to try it has commented on the clarity and especially the quality of the V Plex reticle. Its low light performance isn't as good as my Swaro, but I prefer the reticle and the image quality is not as different as you would expect (or I would hope, considering how much more my Swaro cost!). I am seriously considering buying all my future optics from Vortex's premium lines.
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    I would look no further than a Hawke (from Deben).
    I am using one of the new Panorama scopes with the half mil do ret: Illuminated blue/red. Used in conjunction with Hawkes free download, at about 125 this is a very good scope indeed for use with the HMR.

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    My limited experience with Hawke scopes left a very bad taste in the mouth this was a Nite-eye. I would not waste my money or time with them again. I did have a look at the Konus scopes at Newark but once again the sort of size I want is only available with all the extras which I don't want. Side Wheel parallax, illuminated, high target turrets all the add ons that seem to sell scopes to the new comers. They did show me a plain no frills varible scope but the reticle was a bit on the fine side to my mind so I left it to think on some more. Funnily a friend in the US had just brought one to go on a restoration project .22 L/R Semi Auto rifle and he is well pleased with it.

    My experience with Menace scopes by Falcon optics is also poor their warrenty is non existant. I brought a 7.5x50 CSS scope to see what all the fuss was about regarding Mil dots and SW parallax. The optics are fair but not what the reviews claim and it's best used as a target scope. I did try it on the bunny basher rim fire and sitting or prone it's fine but horrible to use free standing hence it came off the rimfire and is now on a varmint rifle.

    The Simmons Aetec Master series seems to have decent optics but their build quality is an unknown here. Some friends in the US have them and rate them highly. Some rate the Edgar Bros Optimate line. A friend had one on his .222 Tikka and he was very pleased with it too.

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    What I really want is a S/H Meopta 7x50, been watching for one at the right price for a month or two but none have appeared.

    The Vortex get a good write-up in the States, so that might be an option.

    One concern with buying a new scope in the 150 - 200 bracket is that it will have the resale value of so much scrap iron. A decent s/h scope will at least retain some value.

    I must be getting old, but it seems like only a year or two ago you could get a decent S/H Swaro or S&B 6x43 for 175 and a 8x56 for 200 - 225.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Join the club as it only seems a short time ago that the S&B 6x43 German made and assembeld scope was under 380 new and they had only recently gone up to that price the S&B's were priced much more keenly than the Zeiss and Swaroski scopes.

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    Simmons White Tail Classic 6.5-20X50 is a great scope for the HMR, if you can find one.

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