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Thread: 22-250 Wanted

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    22-250 Wanted

    Just had my variation for a 22-250 come through and wanted to see whats available.

    Im looking for a used setup and dont want to spend the earth so either rifles on their own or may consider a full setup.

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    ive got an rws mod 89 for sales fitted with a t8 and an 8x56 scope 450 good acurate gun ready to use

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    Can you tell me the make of the scope?

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    Interested in a CZ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    Interested in a CZ?
    Possibly PM me some more info

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    the RWS has a kasnar scope on it

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    Hi There,

    Have a look several posts down at the Sako 75 synthetic stainless. One of the best rifles ever to come out of the Sako stable........IMHO, of course. Have one of the same in .243 and wouldn't change it for the world.

    Good luck,

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    Yeah thnks mickey that very helpfull , id suggest you mind yours unless youve got a gun for sale

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    Hi Trouble,

    Some posts do get missed you know(Speaking from my own experience!) so Tom, might just of missed that one? So, since when has trying to be helpful to another chap been wrong? Pretty sure my opinion won't make his purchase or slow down your sale.

    Perhaps you don't agree Trouble that a lot of this forum is about asking the opinions of people? but, if the original poster felt that me stating mine was unnecessary then Tom, I apologize.

    Have a nice day!

    Kindest regards,

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    I thank Mickey308for the mention of my Sako. It is still for sale and a quality rifle not many people would ever need to upgrade from. You get what you pay for!

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