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Thread: Different Rules

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    Different Rules

    I have noticed that different rules are applied to different site members

    Without naming names openly why is it that some memebers are allowed to be registered with two or more different user names and post as different people?

    Some people are allowed to advertise synicaties or paid stalking without doing the right thing and being a trade member?

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    No offence mate, but if your going to the bother of starting a thread, why not make it plain as to who you are referring?

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    Admin is well aware of some members sharing or using the same machine. In some instances this is husband and wife, in other instances friends using the one machine. But we are aware of those undesireables who try and use the system to come back on and as soon as we are aware of who they are they are banned again

    It is not a completely fool proof system but they usually give themselves away, fortunatly we have a very good IT man

    Advertising has been covered before in a recent thread. Hell I even got complained about as I was advertising stalking to let and I am one of the bloody owners!!!

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    If you have concerns about the conduct of another member simply PM admin and we'll take a look.

    We don't apply different rules, if there is something that doesn't seem right either:

    • we haven't picked up on it yet
    • we have picked up on it found that there is a valid reason for it
    • we have picked up on it and are dealing with it
    • you've misinterpreted it and there isn't a problem

    Can't see what else this thread achieves. So
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