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Thread: and the result from D&G on my variation is....

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    and the result from D&G on my variation is....

    it came through this morning! and I now have my .375 h&h on standards UK quarry conditions with expanding ammo and authority for solid slug to zero and for vermin. I'm surprised that it went through as easy but very happy and so thanks must be given to D&G for this. It did require a few letters and the like.

    After being told when I applied for a .375 last year there was no way I would be allowed expanding ammo for it or authority to shoot deer here in the UK I wasn't impressed. To be fair though the .375 is for Europe and the need for expanding ammo is for load development and testing rather than actually using on quarry here.

    While I see a lot of us having problems on here with getting more simple deer stalking calibres and having issues like with mentoring etc, I've been lucky to be given the 'talk' why we have problems from a more open FEO. It's all to do with using key words and evidence that satisfy the requirements for each step. So long as you justify your 'need' and can provide evidence that supports this the process is quite simple. Most problems arise when an application 'wants' something but doesn't justify need or have the ground to use a firearm. While you can pretty much have any rifle within reason for shooting UK deer you have to show 'need' and so if you didn't have your own ground that the police are satisfied with you can justify need by providing letters, receipts and booking information. Once you know what you need to do it becomes a reasonable and fairly straightforward process.

    Don't give up just because it's a hassle!
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    Glad to hear you got the expanding ammo and solid slug's too

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Hi Paul

    I have had no problems with D&G, the FLO seems a good bloke and a stalker too, in fairness my old licensing authority Derbyshire were OK as well, the FLO turned up for a renewal, and asked don’t you want anything bigger than you already have, when I said I was happy with what I had, he said well if you do let me know……………



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    Hi Paul, all good news, i enquired about having slugs added for practice before european boar hunts and was told not to bother as L&B police will never grant them,he added you would only be allowed to practice on an approved range, did you get any of that??????

    My FLO is also a very level headed guy,Like Thars he asked if i wanted anything else and very helpfull



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    Good result Paul.

    After the initial feedback you had from the FLD that must be one up for commonsense.

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    Nell, pm'd what you need cheers

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    Enjoy the trip
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    It just goes to show that you have to be persistent, and never accept an initial refusal if you can demonstrate need. Good Reason is another matter.

    We know as the cops do that you don't need a .375 H&H in the UK. There aren't any pachyderms pottering around the petunias here, so they refuse you 'Exp[anding' straightaway. It actually tells them they can do this in the book. However, if you point out to them that it really does help to get some practice in with the very missiles you intend to use in far-off climes, and continue to break their balls over this they'll go away and give it some real thought. Eventually the light goes on, and they realise that there is no public safety issue .... or any other issue .... so why not give permission after all?

    I think time is the decisive factor in all this. If you're genuine, have given them a bit of space for posturing, and have kept your nose clean they'll eventually give you what you've asked for. I didn't think this about my lot at first but again time has made me realise they're quite nice people, and maybe there is a bit of gamesmanship in all this. They're still 3-1 up on me so I'm staying at the table until we're all square.

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    Maybe a less painful way to approach the use of .375 expanding in the UK is to pursue the conditioning of the rifle for 'large' deer as per Ch. 13.35 of the Guidance. If you have the deer and land available then it's there for them in black and white that it is an acceptable reason to permit use of the rifle and, by obvious extension, the ammo.

    Good to hear that you're another who won't walk away from the table until you've obtained a positive result. I get the feeling that far too many are willing to accept unjustified and illogical refusals for what they are really entitled to in law.
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