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Thread: sitting at work

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    sitting at work

    sitting at work and feeling awfully bored........................wishing I was at the range with some oranges or coconuts at about 250yds, and some flat trajectory ammo.............

    Going to my grounds this weekend though, here's my work list:

    a. Plant willow shoots around exposed release pens to help build more solid wind cover. Also, plant willow near woodlines that need some seductive shoots to bring the 6 pointers out from hiding this summer

    b. Calculate this years cover crop needs, and convince farmer to plow and fence where necessary...mental note, bring nice bottle of scotch.

    c. Cut opening in trees in release pens to open up for new grass to grow, very cold and dark these days

    d. Bring butchered deer to landowners here and there to pay for 2011 stalking.

    e. Bring ducks to pond owners to secure 2011 duck flighting season

    f. Get a mounting board for my last red stag (8 pointer), and stick on the wall

    g. start preparing duck ponds for releasing ducklings, feeding, trimming, etc. before growth kicks in

    h. Pick up a roe deer call at the local shop, start practising calls well in advance!

    i. Shoot around 5 foxes...fingers crossed.

    j. Get shotgun certificate renewal process in motion

    k. get quad-bike up and running again, pick up old feeders and bring to workshop for fixing

    l. build high-seat in newly discovered area where the big bucks might be lurking this year

    m. prepare drop-chart for my new ammo at 150, 200, 250, 300 yds.

    n. have some beers... I'm feeling better, might get back to work...

    any of you guys got interesting plans for the week/weekend ahead?

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    (n) on the work list sounds good to me.

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    Not alot planned for the weekend then.

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    Day off on Wednesday as a result of an invite from an SD member for a days stalking in Somerset & Dorset , try and catch up with some does on Saturday and will undoubtedly fit a few beers in along the way...........

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    Off to London on Friday for a day at ITV studios filming for a TV show. I am cooking my venison and scallop dish.

    Loin of venison and hand dived scallops, served with a cranberry and red wine jus

    Will be aired the weekend of the royal wedding, so anyone wants a laugh, tune in then!!

    Prize money, 10,000, I think there is a phone in to vote on who should win, so I will be relying on your SD members to bring me home!!!!



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