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Thread: Ammunition/ bullets ?

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    Ammunition/ bullets ?


    I was just wondering on the definitions with regards to possesion limits if you are a homeloader I Know its the bullets that get recorded on your fac, but are they still classed as ammo or do they count only if a finished cartridge?

    I know I should know this but hay ho I dont, well not for sure any way

    Sorry if this has been talked about before just could`nt find it!!


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    Matters not if they are individual (unloaded) expanding bullets/missiles or complete assembled or purchased rounds, they all count towards your maximum allowable holding.

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    Thanks for that, that was kinda my first thought but was`nt sure!!

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    until July last year different forces had different ideas about this.
    L&B only came into line last year, previously they allowed as many unloaded bullets as you liked and it only counted as part of your allowance if loaded and primed.

    most if not all forces are now on the same page AFAIK

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    funnily enough I asked the same question of TVP last week, the answer I got was that they were not interested in components only complete rounds? its possible that he was refering to non-expanding, fortunately when I applied I requested non-expanding and expanding as 2 separate items so as to avoid the number of expanding bullets reducing my over-all hold amount
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    That's two forces which can't, (or couldn't), seem to make up their minds - either that or they don't read the Firearms Act(s) or apply the HO Guidance.

    3.17 Category (xv) extends the prohibition
    on the various types of prohibited
    ammunition to the actual bullet or missile
    itself, not just the complete round of
    ammunition (a complete round consists of
    the bullet, the cartridge case, the propellant
    and the primer). Certain categories of shooter
    such as deerstalkers and vermin controllers
    are exempt from the requirement to obtain
    the authority of the Secretary of State to
    possess expanding ammunition (see Chapter
    4) and will have the appropriate condition
    entered on their certificate (see Appendix 3).
    There is no need for the bullets to be listed
    separately on the certificate, other than in the
    circumstances described below. However,
    where a certificate holder requests large
    quantities of bullets, it should be remembered
    that the total number of bullets authorised
    counts towards their overall limit on
    possession of expanding ammunition. The
    exception to the rule on listing bullets
    separately on a certificate applies in the case
    of a certificate holder who wishes to possess
    a variety of different types of bullets. This
    may be reflected in a relatively higher
    overall limit on possession and, in these
    circumstances, the bullets may be listed
    separately to help avoid unnecessary
    stockpiling of complete rounds. It is not
    necessary for the dealer making the sale to
    record transactions of expanding bullets on
    the certificate but the sale should be recorded
    in the dealer’s register.
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    Alex!!!! we need another emotithingy................. three blind mice! (probably wearing blue serge & shiny buttons!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Alex!!!! we need another emotithingy................. three blind mice! (probably wearing blue serge & shiny buttons!)
    No, that's way out of date - it would be wearing hi-viz, stab vest, utility belt/suspender thingy and a Glock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Alex!!!! we need another emotithingy................. three blind mice! (probably wearing blue serge & shiny buttons!)
    Yup I`m seeing a pattern emerging, painted by Goudie

    I`ll ask the chief

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    Ok, just of the phone to Inverness FLD and the very nice lady therre told me that they are only interested in complete made up rounds
    She also increased my max allowable, happy days

    Thanks jccampbellsmith



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