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Thread: Calling Muntjac

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    Calling Muntjac

    I know calling Muntjac has been covered before on here but I was wondering if anyone had ever called one across open ground like this one???

    I was out by home on Tuesday night looking for a Roe when I saw a Muntjac doe the other side of the valley (and brook).
    I was happy sat the other side and decided to stay where I was. A few minutes later after the doe had gone back into the wood a buck appeared in the field where the doe had been, he was questing around as if he was looking for her.
    I decided to see if I could get over the brook which was fenced and very overgrown, when I got there I couldn't get over quietly so I decided to try the buttalo to see if I got a reaction, a couple squeaks later he had covered 100+ yards and stood broadside which put him into my comfort zone off the sticks
    As you can see from the photo the buck was under the wood when I saw him and he covered a lot of bare ground.

    Has anyone ever had a Munty come to a call over this much open ground ?????


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    i've been watching the same (i think) buck on a few occasions recently from a high seat on my permission. i'd been saving him for later in the year when he's shed his velvet, but my finger is getting itchy i might give him a go on the call next time i see him (it might be tonight ). the field i'm in is boundaried on one side by roe/munty rich land which is not mine, so even if he doesnt come there might be a chance visit by something with more points and there are cubs there too 85gn hollow points tonight for me

    dont forget your camera for hampshire


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    Hi Gary
    Good luck tonight, I've mostly got my camera with me just not very good at remembering to take a photo before I've chopped the head and legs off


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    Hi Wayne
    thanks for posting this up mate I have called Muntjac Bucks on quite a few occasions & some people take the P*ss out of me & say it never works I have only managed to call 1 Buck across an open field tho ( Take a look at my pics of my local ground in the Landscape section) Its the second pic & the buck crossed the open field from the wood on the left & charged straight across the field to stop 20 yards in front of me on the right hand wood
    Others i have called have only run 30 or so yards out from cover then stopped.
    He looks a nice little buck you got there mate.

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    hi wayne,
    we were out last week end,i was sat in one highseat and apollo in another, i managed to get five muntjac all at once on the ride when useing a roe call, it was in the wood not an open field though,
    we both managed too miss a roe buck it happens to us all.
    by the way thay were all doe muntjac thats why i did not shoot any.

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    I went to my permission last night, i felt a bit of a pillock standing there calling "muntjac, muntjac" Strangely enough, none came. Then i remembered, there aint none here!!

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    Hi Nick
    If your stalking mates are anything like mine I can't believe they would take the p**s
    Looks like it wasn't a one off then might try it again.
    He was only a little chap, I shot a big old boy a week or so before on this farm, shame to have shot him in velvet but its a fruit farm and they are doing the damage now so got to shoot a few.


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    Apollo told me you boys never miss
    I missed a buck on Saturday night only got a chance of a neck shot in a patch of wheat called him in so far and he lost interest and started going back to the doe he was with, I stopped him with the call shot and missed but the dozy little bugger just stood there looking at the strike, I didn't miss him the second time


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    hi wayne,
    we went back to the same wood this weekend.but we did not get a shot off.
    seen a few but they would not give us the shot,apollo keeps saying he cant wait for the winter,he dont like all the cover around this time of the year and our pigs normally turn up in september. happy days thats all i can say.

    regards anthony.

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    Was out in the Hertfordshire woods on Sunday evening, walking with my wife. It was very hot and stuffy, with almost no wind.

    I happened to have a Buttolo call with me and tried a few squeaks, not really expecting any result.

    Was therefore astounded to see not one but two munties steaming towards us, moving with great urgency and determination - a doe, followed by a buck. The buck was an absolute monster - still in velvet, but with antlers like bananas.

    I'm guessing that the doe was in heat and the buck was determined not to let her get away or to allow an interloper to seduce her.

    Neither my wife nor I were wearing camo or even trying to conceal ourselves, but the deer came within about 10m before taking fright and bounding off, barking like terriers.

    We could hear their hooves striking the dry ground, sounding like horses - it's strange that munties have such a heavy tread for such small animals: not dainty at all!

    I was cock-a-hoop at my success - now I feel like a real hunter, able to summon deer at will!


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