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Thread: Sportsman centre. What a pile of pants

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    Sportsman centre. What a pile of pants

    Has anyone had problems with sportsman centre.
    I ordered a bore guide off them on the 11 Feb and paid 5.99 for posting. Delivery within 48hrs.
    They rang to say the one i wanted was out of stock and offered an alternative which i accepted.
    A week later i rang up to see if there was a problem, and was told its been dispatched.
    A week later i rang again and was told it hadnt been sent and they would check and ring back that was 2 days ago and no bore guide and no phone call.
    I think an irrate phone call is in order tomorrow.

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    I don't think you've experienced a problem, just normal Sportsman service. JC

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    Got to agree, there customer service is *****! Im still waiting to here back from them too!

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    why is it when you order from sportman they take your money then ring you 5 days later to tell you they can not suppy it ??????????

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    anything i've ordered off of them has always come pretty quickly. i ordered some realtree kecks off them which were too tight round me nuts obviously no fault of theirs and when i rang them they said send them back and the would send me a bigger pair, with more ballroom and refund me the postage. as it happened i was travelling past whilst working down that way and popped in, they were very helpful and even gave me a nice laksen hat for my inconvenience!! maybe i got them on a good day or you guys got them on bad days???

    Regards, Jez.

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    Hi i caught onto them years ago & have learnt to ask them if they have it in stock & sure they have it then order it. As said you have experienced normal sportsman gun centre tacktics.

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    I placed an order with them before christmas and just recived part off the order last week, well over 2 months waiting,

    Wont be using them again!!!

    Regards marshall

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    they never cease to amaze me with there crap postal service.Can order some things from the states and
    recieve it with in 7to10 days.some time takes 7weeks to get from devon to somerset.
    think next time i buy from them i wil stop the payment and pay 3weeks after delivery.
    if they take offence to this speak to some of people i shoot with they heard nothing yet!!!
    regards bob

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    I'm only 20 minutes from their door but they are always the call of last resort for me.

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    Well there you have it just normal service from them. Had the same issues soem years back over my collimeter. Have not dealt with them since that fiasco.

    Ladds are almost as bad. Phoned them asking about a particular rifle make and model and they didn't have it, one chappie I spoke to had never heard of Husqvarna even, they then tried to sell me another make in a different chambering . I see nothing changes down there. Still cannot work out who had the rifle on their stand at the Newark show was too busy chatting to the lurcher owner. His poor dog had an awful gash all shaved and sewn up.

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